by Marco Suniaga

Undoubtedly to be misunderstood is something effectively very disappointing, specially when it comes from a person you love, or you think knows you profoundly.

No one likes to be misunderstood; however, when it happens, it can take us by a complete surprise, and, in occasions, it carries out a lot of pain in our inner soul, since the misunderstanding hits us where it hurts more: coming out from our beloved ones.

What to do them, in these cases?

In my own and very personal opinion, we have two ways of resolutions: by one hand, we can dismiss the misunderstanding, and pay no attention to it; but here, we are just avoiding a problem..Never, solving it!

On the other hand, we can try to clarify our situation, which means to talk to the person who misunderstood us, and, if we not succeed on this… Then we have the only way to take a step aside from the scene with dignity, having the inner conviction to act our right way.


MARCH 2020

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